If you have an opportunity to take Jonathan Canlas' workshop, FILM iS NOT DEAD, do it! Because you know what, film is not dead and it is beautiful. and it can't be duplicated with digital.. If nothing else, it makes you a better photographer. And best of all, at Jon's workshop, you get to meet other great photographers and you get to learn from one of the best film shooters that exists today. Not only does Jonathan share all his shooting knowledge, he gives you guidance on how to run your business in a very practical, concrete way. He is an open book and I am grateful for his generosity and ability to attract some of the best people around.

When I first signed up for the workshop, I was given access to the FINDers Facebook Group. That, in itself, has been invaluable and immediately I knew I had made a wise investment. My work improved so much from the workshop. I realized I was shooting too much slop and not being careful about my shots...a huge problem with digital photography today. With film, you slow down and really frame your shot. Without the LCD screen, you are forced to think differently, more carefully and with more consideration. I am all about simplicity and I was worried film would be another layer of complication. On the contrary, it's about shooting less and spending less time editing and also, it's about getting the results directly from the inherent qualities of film. I can get nice results from digital....but I can't get the softness and depth that is integral to film itself. 

This series below is from an afternoon of personal work. You can see that the colors are softer and there aren't edges like you get with pixels. So next is to offer this as an option for all my clients and then who knows, maybe I'll be able to get back to just shooting film like when I started 15 years ago.  I would really love that.