Self portrait in Marfa, TX. 

Self portrait in Marfa, TX. 

Susan Simmons


Susan Simmons Photography is based in Houston, Texas and specializes in Architectural, Editorial and Portrait photography. Simmons holds an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She lives with her husband and daughter, a siamese cat, a very big dog and a very small dog in a bungalow next to The Menil Collection. 

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Thoughts on Portraits:
"In the past, I photographed children in their normal everyday clothes. I'm returning to a focus on the formal again. I'm thinking about old master paintings of children and the history of photography beginning with tin types and those old 8x10 cameras that made you wait while the image was being made, hence, the stoic faces. Don't worry, there will be smiles too, but my goal is to create a timeless photo that hold interest and marks this specific moment. When I look through my  collection of photos of my daughter, I remember that time, that person, and I see what has passed. It's sad and beautiful to see, and for me, this witnessing of time is one of the deepest and most profound qualities of being a parent."


Susan Simmons Photography: 
Architecture. Editorial. Portraits.